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Seth’s Games and Anime
& Ralph’s Comic Corner
2379 E. Main Street Ventura, CA 93003 – (805) 653-2732
sethbradly (at) – ralph (at)

Seth’s Games and Anime is the largest and longest running Comic Book, Game, and Anime Store in Ventura County.

In 1980 Ralph Holt started Ralph’s Comic Corner. He grew his store from a small corner in another store into one of the largest comic book stores in California. He was one of the first stores to carry Role Playing Games, Magic the Gathering, and Warhammer Miniatures. He is widely renowned as a professional comic grader. If he grades your collection he delivers a meticulous record of each book, conditions, and quality. He has personally graded thousands of books at the store.

Ralph was also one of the first stores to go online. He has a very complete listing of his inventory which can be seen at

Seth got his start working for Metro Entertainment, Santa Barbara’s premiere Comic book store in 1994. He worked his way from Clerk to Game Manager, while studying Anthropology at UCSB. In 2002 he decided it was time to look into starting a store.

Bob at Metro was not interested in selling, but Ralph at Ralph’s Comic corner was interested in a gradual buyout.

On January 1st, 2004 Seth’s Games and Anime had its first day of sales.

Since 2004 Seth has been active in growing Gaming of all types, Miniatures, Role Playing, Board Games, and Card Games especially Magic, Pokemon, and Yugioh.

In 2009 Seth took over selling New Comic Books from Ralph. Since then we have grown our Graphic Novel collection, Started Buying Used Consoles, Console Games, Anime, Manga, Rpg’s, CCG’s, Graphic Novels, Board Games, card singles, and a lot of 80′s toys like My Little Ponies, Turtles, and Star Wars Figures for cash and credit.

We have the largest selection of Graphic Novels in Ventura. We have Sections for: Super Heroes, Crime, Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anthology, Humor, Vertigo, Media, Kids, New books, Essentials, and Creator Sections like Neil Gaiman, The Hernandez Brothers, Brian Michael Bendis and many more…

We also have over one million Back Issue Comic Books in the store. We offer a lot of Vintage Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age through current Modern titles. We actively seek out collections and are very interested in any books you may be interested in selling as well. We also keep lists of items you are looking for. So if you are looking for a certain issue of Batman, or any other book let us know and we wil help you find it as long as it takes.

We were the first store in Ventura to carry Bushiroad card games, and have weekly tournaments of Card Fight Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, and Buddy Fight.

Seth’s has a dedicated 40-60 person Gaming Area, Weekly Tournaments, a Fun Atmosphere, and New Crazy Deals and Sales Every Month.

We Buy new collections daily. If you have stuff that you are done with we would love it if you think about trading it in eithr for cash, credit, or other product in the store.

You can also find more of our deals online on Amazon and Ebay.

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MONDAY: 12 PM – 7 PM
FRIDAY: 12 AM – 10 PM
SUNDAY: 12 PM – 7 PM
Also open by appointment!

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