Number Hunters


Number Hunters

Set Size 60

07/12/2013 Release and Legal Date

It’s time to hunt down some new Number Monsters for your collection – and for your Extra Deck!


Number Hunters is the single-biggest surge of new Xyz Monsters ever released at one time. This special, all-foil, 60-card booster set introduces 25 brand new Xyz Monsters, including 9 of the mysterious “Number” Monsters that so many characters are tracking down on the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL TV series.


You’ve seen Number Hunters on TV use these powerful Xyz Monsters in their Decks. Now you can do some Number Hunting of your own!


Number Hunters includes:


  • 25 new Xyz Monsters
  • 14 new Effect Monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
  • 6 new Spell/Trap Cards from the Zexal Age
  • 5 new, non-Zexal cards, including some famous cards from the earliest days of the original TV series
  • 10 previously-released Zexal cards, reprinted as foil cards for the first time ever




Hunting Chaos


One of the most exciting things about this set is the number of Chaos Xyz Monsters! Chaos Xyz come in 2 varieties – “Number C” and “CXyz” (the “C” stands for Chaos both times).


Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy introduces you to a special Spell Card called Rank-Up-Magic Barian’s Force, the fastest way to turn ordinary Xyz Monsters into extraordinary “Number C” and “CXyz” monsters. Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy also included a small number of Chaos Xyz Monsters, but now Number Hunters gives you a whole army of them!




Work Hard, Play Hard


Rank-Up-Magic upgrades Xyz Monsters into “Number C” or “CXyz” monsters of the same Type, but 1 Rank higher. These super-charged Xyz Monsters are much stronger, get to steal an Xyz Material from an enemy monster, and if you rank-up using a ‘matching’ monster, they sometimes come with phenomenal cosmic powers!


Coach King Giantrainer has 2800 ATK and uses its Xyz Materials to let you draw extra cards and deal extra damage, but in return you have to skip your Battle Phase. But if you use Rank-Up Magic



…you get CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer! It has 3800 ATK, it can’t be targeted by card effects, and you don’t have to skip your Battle Phase to use its abilities, so just let loose!




Vote for Norito – Moral Leadership, Working for You


Duels not going well? Maybe it’s time for some proven leadership. It’s time for Norito the Moral Leader!


Your opponent’s Spells and Traps can be big threats to your monsters, even during your own turn. But Norito knows how to negate them, destroy them, and then lead the way forward with his 2700 Attack Points!


But during your opponent’s turn, the biggest threat to your monsters is often your opponent’s own monsters and their effects, which means it’s time to…



… hold an election! Wait, no, it’s time to play Rank-Up-Magic to replace Norito with his running mate, CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader! Simon is a tough talker against the threat of monsters to society. He has 3000 ATK and isn’t affected by other monster effects. And if you Summoned him by ranking up Norito, he can switch a monster to defense position and negate its effects. Now that’s effective leadership!


Try using Gagaga Magician with either Gagaga Child or Gagaga Girl (from Super Starter: V for Victory) to get the 2 Level 6 Spellcasters you’ll need to Summon Norito.


These are just two of the Xyz/CXyz pairs you’ll find in Number Hunters! You’ll also find organic battlecruisers, comic book heroes, massive orbital weapons, and more!








The Hunt is On!


It’s time to go Number Hunting! Nine new Number monsters have crash landed, and it’s up to you to find them! Take on the invincible warrior king Number 54: Lion Heart, keep your eyes on the skies for the swift-striking Number 44: Sky Pegasus, and be wary of the whirling dervish of swords, Number 74: Master of Blades! Number monsters come in all shapes, sizes, and Ranks. They could be anywhere, so here’s a handy list to what to look out for!


Number 44: Sky Pegasus Number 49: Fortune Tune Number 54: Lion Heart Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon Number 63: Shamoji Soldier




Number 74: Master of Blades Number 85: Crazy Box Number 87: Queen of the Night


On Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, the Number monsters are protected from other monsters by virtue of their alien origin. Now you can add that power to your Number monsters, with Number Wall!





As long as you control Number Wall, nothing can destroy your Number monsters – except battle with another Number monster, just like on TV!




Decks You Might Already Have


The Number Hunters booster set also includes many cards for Decks you might already be working on, like Chronomaly monsters, Gimmick Puppets, and Heroic Challengers.











Finally, keep your eyes open for Box of Friends. This cards lets you Special Summon 2 monsters with 0 ATK or 0 DEF from your Deck. It’s a great way to set up an Xyz Summon, especially if you make a Deck heavy on 0 DEF monsters, which will be a new strategy this August when Judgment of the Light comes out!


Number Hunters contains 60 cards:

20 Secret Rare Cards
40 Super Rare Cards
5 Cards per pack: 4 Super Rares + 1 Secret Rare

Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars


Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars

Now in stock here at Seths Games and Anime.

This set introduces the new “Constellar” and “Lswarm” archetypes as well as further support for “Laval”, “Gem-Knight”, “Gishki” and “Gusto” cards. It also features cards used by Bronk Stone and Nelson Andrews.

Each TCG pack contains 5 foil cards: 1 Secret Rare and 4 Super Rares and each box contained 24 packs.

This set contains 70 cards, including:

  • 24 Secret Rare
  • 46 Super Rare





Product Title:
Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants
Product Type:
Booster Pack
Set Size:
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament
Legal Date:
$1.99 per pack


Are you ready to smash face with the biggest monsters that ever existed?


If you loved watching massive monsters slug it out on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show, then Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants is the set for you. When you play sealed-pack style with Battle Pack 2, you will live and breathe a clash of the titans like you’ve never experienced before!


When Giants Rule the Earth

High-Level monsters have always been the biggest, most popular, and most famous monsters around, including the baddest monsters of them all, the three Egyptian God Cards!


But despite all their power and their glory, the high Tribute costs of these monsters have always made them a risky strategy in tournament play.


War of the Giants finally brings these titans front and center, with a game environment designed specifically for them!


You’ll quickly find that the land of the giants has its own laws of the jungle:


  • High-Level Tribute monsters are king!


You’ll be able to Special Summon lower-Level monsters to help set things up, but the only way to get a goliath on the field is to obey the laws of nature, and Tribute Summon!


  • Trial by combat!


Effects that destroy cards are practically non-existent. Brush up on your battling skills, because if you want to get your opponent’s monster off the field, you have to beat it fair and square!


  • Every card counts!


Wage war with your Spell and Trap selection. You’ll have secret weapons to tilt the battle in your favor – but so will your opponent! Is he bluffing? Should you bait out his Spells and Traps, then go in for the kill? Or launch a frontal assault to overwhelm his monsters? The choice is yours!


Each card in the War of the Giants has been carefully selected, and weighed against other cards in the set. The outcome of a Duel will depend on strategy and tactics. Get ready to test and improve your skills, in the ultimate Dueling challenge!




Five Cards Per Pack


Just like the first Battle Pack, each pack of War of the Giants comes with 5 cards. You’ll get 1 Rare Card (with a glossy black card name) and 3 Common Cards, each chosen to fulfill a specific role in your Deck. Your fifth card will be a new type of shiny card called a Mosaic Rare. Your Mosaic Rare could be any card in the set, so it’s a true wild card.


SPECIAL NOTE: As befits their divine status, the three Egyptian God Cards are available only as Mosaic Rares! You won’t find them in your Rare or Common card slots.




Want to Know More?


As the launch of Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants approaches, we’ll be talking more about which cards were selected for this set, the reasons they were selected, what didn’t make the cut, and what kinds of strategies you can look forward to. Check out our Strategy Site regularly to find out more!




Recap: What is Sealed Pack Play?


The hottest Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG release in 2012 was Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, the set that finally brought sealed pack play to Yu-Gi-Oh!, after 10 years in the making!


Sealed pack play is how you take booster packs, and make them into a game by themselves.


Just get together with your friends (or rivals!) and split up some packs. Open your packs, make brand new Decks just from those cards you got, and start Dueling!


Everyone starts off clean. The only thing that matters is what you can do with the hand that’s dealt ya.


Of course, after you’re done playing, you’re still left with the cards from your packs. So you can walk away with some awesome cards for your regular Deck and collection. Think of sealed pack play as a way to open up booster packs like you always do, and get a ton of bonus fun while you’re at it! With 215 cards in Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants, no two Dueling experiences will ever be the same.


Sealed pack ideas:


  • Get 3 friends and split 1 box of Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. Construct your Decks and duke it out round-robin style. The Duelist with the most wins at the end of the day is the winner!
  • Keep it going by making an internal league with your friends. Each time you get together, split up some more Battle Packs and add the cards you get to your league card pool. Everyone agrees beforehand to ONLY use the cards from their league Battle Packs. But you can change up your Deck from day to day, as long as you stick to using just those cards.


Besides Dueling with your friends, there will continue to be a ton of Battle Pack sealed pack events at local stores and major competitions, including special sealed pack versions of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. Dueling sealed style with your friends is the best way to practice and sharpen your skills for sealed pack competition!


Now that sealed pack play is finally here, Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants will take it to the next level!




Each Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants pack contains 5 cards:

1 Rare Card (with glossy black title)
1 Mosaic Rare Card
3 Common Cards

Set contains 215 cards: 50 Rare Cards, 162 Common Cards, and 3 cards only available as Mosaic Rares. (All cards in the set are available as Mosaic Rares – 215 cards in all.)

Zexal Collection

Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2009 Product Title:Zexal CollectionProduct Type:Collectible Mini-TinSet Size:25Launch Date:03/08/2013Konami Tournament Legal Date:03/08/2013MSRP:$9.99

In March 2012, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Premium Collection mini-tins gave Duelists a whole new way to upgrade their Decks, with a trimmed-down, no-packs product format composed entirely of new and variant cards. In 2013, we’re taking this model to the next level – with the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Zexal Collection.

Each Zexal Collection mini-tin comes with 3 Ultimate Rare variants of existing cards, plus 11 ALL-NEW cards from a special, 21-card set. And unlike last year’s Premium Collection, the power level on these new cards in Zexal Collection is out-of-this-world! The contents of this set feature previously-unreleased cards used by Yuma and Kite, the main characters of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal animated series!

These new Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards can work in any Deck, or tie in especially well with the other Yuma and Kite cards seen in products like the 2011 and 2012 Starter Decks, Generation Force, Photon Shockwave, Order of Chaos, Galactic Overlord, and Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy.

And this is the only set to date where you can get a Number 61: Volcasaurus!!! He a very useful rank 5, heck new decks are being made him in mind to use the other rank 5 abilities more. So get a sexy cool looking gigabrilliant and the new number 61 before there all gone and go up in price. In stock now here at Seth;s Games and Anime!!!!!!


Each Zexal Collection tin comes with:

  • 3 Ultimate Rare variant cards
  • 4 all-new Ultra Rare cards
  • 7 all-new Super Rare cards



Product Title:Cosmo BlazerProduct Type:Booster PackSet Size:100Launch Date:1/25/2013Konami Tournament Legal Date:1/25/2013MSRP:$3.99 per pack


In ancient times, a legion of evil souls were banished to the heavens, to endure centuries of imprisonment. Now they have seen the error of their ways, and the strongest of these souls have returned to Earth, to make things right and do penance for their crimes.

Returning to their original forms, each has also gained the power of a mighty animal spirit, which they can manifest through their legendary weapons. No longer merely men, these immortals now walk the earth as Beast-Warriors from the very heavens.

Cosmo Blazer brings you the first eleven of these souls, with weapons in their hands and animal spirits in their hearts, assembled together as The Brotherhood of the Fire Fist. Their mission: To cleanse the earth of evil with the fires of the heavens!

Click to enlarge image
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Horse Prince
Click to enlarge image
Lion Emperor
Click to enlarge image
Tiger King

From their celestial prisons, the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist spent thousands of years watching events unfold on Earth. They’ve seen every war and witnessed every battle that has ever been. The result is their total mastery of every fighting style known to man!

Tap into this vast memory of strategic thought by using their special “Fire Formation” Spell and Trap Cards, which give you the strategies and skills to break any foe.

Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image

The domination of the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist comes from the combination of their personal strength with their mastery of tactics:

  • “Fire Fist” monsters allow you to Set new “Fire Formation” cards directly from your Deck. (You don’t even have to draw them!)
  • Once activated, your “Fire Formation” Continuous Spells and Traps give you a constant edge over your opponent. Each “Fire Formation” has special powers, PLUS they pump up the Attack Points of all your “Fire Fist” monsters.
  • You can use your “Fire Formation” cards on the field to fuel your “Fire Fist” monsters’ super abilities. Destroy your opponent’s monsters, draw extra cards, or Summon more “Fire Fist” monsters from the Deck!

To guarantee your victory, these fires of heaven will continue to burn, and burn, and burn. Use Fire Fists to get Fire Formations, then use the Fire Formations to fuel more Fire Fists’ powers, then deploy new Fire Formations after that! Keep adding more fuel to the fire until you finally incinerate your opponent’s defenses, and snuff out their Life Points once and for all!

Legends say that every star in the sky holds one person’s destiny. Ignite the fires of YOUR destiny with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist!


The Fire Fists are just the first of many new cards that await you in Cosmo Blazer. Keep checking this page for more information about new monsters with flames so intense they melt reality, new Mermails including two gigantic mermonsters, an unexpected intruder in the world of the Prophecy monsters, and a step back in time to an age before Xyz Monsters ever existed!


Cosmo Blazer contains 100 cards:

48 Common Cards
20 Rare Cards
14 Super Rare Cards
10 Ultra Rare Cards
8 Secret Rare Cards

Prophecy Destroyer Collectible Tin


Prophecy Destroyer Collectible Tin
Product Title:Prophecy Destroyer Collectible TinProduct Type:Collectible TinLaunch Date:1/18/13Konami Tournament Legal Date:1/18/13MSRP:$19.99

He is coming.

As his metal-shorn boots thud against the smoldering stone, and the cloud of spellbook ash chokes the air around you, questions arise in your mind. From whither came this dark prince of destruction, sword in hand? Is he the ultimate agent of the Prophecy monsters? Their worst enemy? Perhaps, at one time or another, he has been both of these.

But for the moment, there’s a more important question. Does he come to fight for you…or does he come for you?

Like the Ghost of Christmas Future, this specter of death has waited until AFTER the holiday season to make its dread appearance. The final 2012 Collectible Tin arrives in the blackened metal image of a monster unlike anything ever seen before in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME: The Prophecy Destroyer.

And he didn’t come alone.

The Destroyer Squadron has arrived. Five cards, each on a mission of destruction. Each supremely qualified to carry out its task: total annihilation!

The Prophecy Destroyer Collectible Tin includes:

  • 1 Photon Shockwave booster pack, plus 2 packs of Order of Chaos and 2 packs of Galactic Overlord
  • 1 Secret Rare Prophecy Destroyer
  • 1 Super Rare Endless Decay
  • 1 Super Rare Steelswarm Roach
  • 1 Super Rare Photon Strike Bounzer
  • 1 Super Rare Infernity Barrier




Product Title:
Abyss Rising Special Edition
Product Type:
Special Edition Box
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament

Legal Date:
$9.99 per Box

Each box of Abyss Rising Special Edition comes with 3 booster packs of Abyss Rising, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards. Abyss Rising features monsters from the abyss at the bottom of the seas, but your Special Edition might contain a terrifying weapon from a very different abyss: the Dark Smog! Or, on a more cheerful note, you could get one of the most popular monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Gagaga Girl!

Last year, in the Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck, The Gates of Dark World opened and unleashed Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and his mad minions back into the world of Dueling. Now you can have access to Grapha’s greatest weapon: the Dark Smog! After defeating their foes, the Dark World army uses its Dark Smog to consume them completely, transforming their life essence into a terrifying power to be used against your opponent! The Dark Smog is so vile and thick that once it envelops the field it never lifts, allowing the Dark World Army to consume its foes turn after turn.

Gagaga Girl has been dialing up her friends like a madwoman to make sure they can make it to the biggest Xyz Monster party around! When you use Yuma’s “Gagaga” monsters, get ready for the time of your life because anything can happen! Gagaga Magician lets you choose what Level he is. And Gagaga Girl can match her Level to his. Put them together and you get 2 monsters of ANY Level you want, so you can invite almost any Xyz Monster there is to come join the fun!!
Bonus: When you Xyz Summon with them, you can knock an enemy monster’s Attack Points down to 0! You can get even more Gagaga monsters, like Gagaga Caesar and Gagaga Cowboy, in your Abyss Rising booster packs.

You’re guaranteed one of these cards in your Special Edition box (either Dark Smog or Gagaga Girl), plus the 27 cards you pull from your 3 booster packs, loaded up with Mermails, Madolches, and more! Abyss Rising Special Edition is a great way to power up your current Deck, or build a whole new Deck, for less than it would cost to buy 3 individual booster packs!