Holiday Store Hours & Black Friday Stuff!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Thanks to Robert wanting to be here the store will be open on Thanksgiving Thusday November 26th until 7 or 8pm. This means that if you are free, need a place to game, or just want to stop by, say hi to Robert and enjoy our Black Friday Sale a day early… come on by.

Black Friday November 27th we will be opening at noon. We will be having a sale, room to game, a place to be that should not be as busy as the malls, and a fun environment.

We are expecting to run our normal Pokemon and Magic tournaments Friday evening as well.

This year we have some very unique Gift Certificates with Goblin Art created by our very own Aaron

Hope to see you all here :)


Seth’s June Graduation Sale & Fundraiser

Whether you are in school, buying stuff for someone, or just want to have some discounts… We are going to have a sale and fundraiser throughout June. YEA!!!
The Sale:

All Seth’s Back Issues – Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Graphic Novels & Manga – Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Card Packs – Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Singles – Buy 10.00 or More and get 20% Off

RPG’s, Other Games, and Toys – Buy 3 Get 1 Free
The Fundraiser: (This is ongoing)

WE are looking to replace our carpeting and to in general get the place looking nicer. But we do need help to afford the costs involved. (Flooring is not cheap) So I am asking for your help.
I am selling limited edition art made by the staff of the store. $10.00 per sketch (There may be a lot of goblin art) (We will sell you a promissory note and fill it as we go)
I am also taking Orders for Store T-shirts and Playmats with the store logo and art from the t-shirt contest. – $30.00 each , $50.00 for two (Again this will initially be a promissory note)

tshirt contest


I am also selling off Rare Frank Gorshin “The Riddler Batman ’66″ memorabilia
Including – 48″ tall Signed Statue owned by Frank – $500.00
Frank Gorshin’s personal Yankee’s team Jacket – $500.00
Frank’s Sardi’s Restaurant Limited Art – $300.00
and a ton of prints – 10.00 through 40.00

I also have a limited piece of tech from Star Trek VI
Star Trek Resin Padd from the set of Star Trek VI – $500.00
I also have a uncut sheet of Magic cards (1996 DCI Arena Promo sheet) – $500.00
I will also post a number of high ticket items at the store to be looked at.
Including a ton of autographed prints owned by Frank Gorshin
I am also
- Taking donations,
- Selling gift certificates,
- and am willing to make crazy deals.

I am also willing to sell a couple of fixtures:

1x Gray 6′ Tall 5′long Bookshelf with end caps – $400.00
1x Large poster display – $450.00 (900.00 new)
1x Medium Poster display – $300.00 (700.00 new)
1x Limited Edition Original Comic Book Spinner Rack – $700.00
2x DVD/TP sized spinner racks – 150.00 each
1x Dell 1930′s Dell Comics are Good Comics Wood Display – $1100.00
1x T-Shirt Mannequin – $150.00
4x Magic the Gathering Chairs -50.00 each (used condition) 80.00 near mint
1x Cash Register – $40.00
Large 8′ long glass counter (needs repair) – Small Donation or Free to good home
1x T-Shirt Rack 1/2 circle free standing – $200.00
1x Book Cart – $150.00
1x Large Comic Spinner Rack – $400.00
2x Siding Glass Display Cabinets – 1x 500.00 complete, 1x 200.00 needing repair
I am also willing to sell most T-shirts, Toys, Posters, and Pogs in bulk form.
I am also willing to entertain the idea of selling 350-500,000 magic cards for a bulk rate

I would love it if you can help me fix the store up.

Thanks Everyone

–Seth :)

Free Comic Book Day 2015 – FCBD !!!

5 DAYS LEFT!!! This Saturday 11AM – 6PM

FCBD15 with date_rectangle

Come One Come All to Seth & Ralph’s Free Comic Book Day Event!!!

Free Books and a Bunch of stuff on Sale!!!

This will be one of our largest sales of the year. Don’t Miss It. One Day Only

Saturday May 2nd 11am – 6pm

International Tabletop Day – April 11th

Saturday April 11th is International Tabletop Day!!!

We will be having a all day Board Game day with Discounts on All Games, Prizes to be won, and a bunch of Limited Edition items you can Win!!!
King of Tokyo Tournament 1 (Base Set rules) 12:30 pm signup, 1:00pm Start
$5.00 entry Prizes for 1st-3rd

Munchkin Adventure Time Tournament 1 – 12:30 pm signup, 1:00pm Start
$5.00 entry Prizes for 1st-3rd

Smash-Up Tournament 1 (Base Set rules) 12:30 pm signup, 1:00pm Start
$5.00 entry Prizes for 1st-3rd
King of Tokyo Tournament 2 (Base Set rules) 4:30 pm signup, 5:00pm Start
$5.00 entry Prizes for 1st-3rd

Munchkin Adventure Time Tournament 2 – 4:30 pm signup, 5:00pm Start
$5.00 entry Prizes for 1st-3rd

Smash-Up Tournament 2 (Base Set rules) 4:30 pm signup, 5:00pm Start
$5.00 entry Prizes for 1st-3rd


Drawing cancelled… prizes will be give out to all attendees

Back Issue Spring Cleaning

Dollar Books Now: $1.00 each, 15 for $10.00, 40 for $25.00 or 100 for $50.00

We have decided to make a ton of Back Issues into dollar books.

There are a ton of Indy titles, including a lot of Marvel and DC books as well. Come by the store and check them out.

These books are high end, bagged, stickered, in series, and separated with title dividers.

These books will not last.

As we blow these out I may add other books to the mix as well. So stay tuned.

Thanks and Hope to see you guys and gals soon.

–Seth :) 545145_10150946241635757_1117784946_n

A special message from Mike.

Hello, everyone…this is Mike, longtime manager for Ralph’s Comic Corner and Seth’s Games and Anime. I’ve told a few of you in person at the shop, but I’m announcing it here as well that I will be leaving my job here in a couple of weeks. I am moving on to open my own shop, which you can read more about at my personal weblog where I apparently can’t shut up about it.

I came to work for Ralph in the late 1980s, leaving my previous librarian job and replacing the departing Ray (and you get special bonus points if you folks remember Ray!) and I have been slinging the funnybooks, the role playing games, the trading cards, and even the occasional pog ever since. That wasn’t all I did…I made the occasional foray into writing, such as for this short-lived music magazine, and more recently, I teamed up with a bunch of pals and wrote this parody of writing style guides (that you can buy for a whole penny on Amazon, and I promise it’s worth every cent!).

But mostly I sold comics, new and old, for a very, very long time. And I enjoyed it, even as we rode out the decline of the market in the ’90s so shortly after the Batman movie-inspired boom time of the late ’80s. And I got to know a lot of you over the years, watched a lot of you grow up, marry, and bring in your own children to discover the world of comics. I watched some of you discover comics, enjoy them for years, sort of fade out of the hobby, and then come back again. And I’ve seen plenty of you maintain your enjoyment of comics over the decades, faithfully coming in each and every week for the new arrivals, counting on us to provide you with the latest installments of your favorite series week after week, year after year. It has been my pleasure to know all of you, and I want to thank all of you for being my customers for all this time, for your kindness, your friendship, your generosity, your humor, and your patience.

I will still be in contact with Seth and Ralph on a regular basis, so if there is still any secret Mike knowledge required to keep that store running smoothly, I’ll be available to help.

Thanks once more to everyone for all of your patronage over the years. I’ll miss being at the store, but I’ll miss my customers even more.

And now, here are a bunch of pictures, mostly of me posing and pretending to read some comic or ‘nother:









Seth’s & Ralph’s: #1 Best Comic Book Store in Ventura County for 2014!

trophy2013_pThe new Best of Ventura County list has just been released by the Ventura County Reporter, and Seth’s Games and Anime/Ralph’s Comic Corner has once again taken first place in the Best Comic Book Store category!

A big thanks to everyone who voted for us…and mention the award when you come in and get an extra 10% off your purchase! (Good ’til October 7th, does not apply to consignment or held items.)

This month is the 34th anniversary of the opening of Ralph’s Comic Corner, and we here at Seth’s and Ralph’s look forward to serving everyone in Ventura County and the world for the next 34 years!


Back To School Super Clearance!!!

Hi Everyone… I have way to many back issues… so my 50 cent books are going to be Buy 100 for 5.00 for the next few weeks. While supplies last.

I also will have a Buy 4 Get One Free sale on everything in the store other than
Brand New, and Ralph’s product.

YEA!!! Hope to see you all. Let me know what you think about the layout when you get here!!! :)


Seth 2012 (7)



Well, more like “currently rearranging,” as we are changing the layout of the store, so please excuse the mess while folks like Seth, Robert and Aaron are working on making the store better than ever!