Oath of the Gatewatch Magic Sealed Deck Pre Release


Friday January 15th Midnight Sealed Deck

Saturday January 16th Noon – Two Headed Giant Sealed Deck
Saturday January 16th 5pm – Sealed Deck

Sunday January 17th Noon – Sealed Deck
Sunday January 17th 5pm – Sealed Deck

We will also have Intro Deck open dueling.

Pre Paid Prices – Pre release($22) (max 5), Fat packs($35), Intro Decks($12), or Booster Boxes($100.00)
Reserved Prices – Pre release($24) (max 5), Fat packs($37), Intro Decks($14), or Booster Boxes($125.00)
Release Prices – Pre release($25) (max 3), Fat packs($40), Intro Decks($15), or Booster Boxes($143.64)

Seth’s Games & Anime April Sale!!!

Role Playing Games & Miniatures:

All 3.5 OGL Books, Vampire, 4th edition D&D, Dragon magazines and pretty much all older RPG’s are 80% this month.

All D&D 5th, Pathfinder, 3.5 core books, 1st & 2nd edition D&D, Savage Worlds, and all the newer RPG stuff is Buy 1 get one 40% Off.

All Metal Miniatures (We got a bunch of older sets in!!!) – 25% Off

Comic Books & Graphic Novels:

Dollar Books Now: $.50 each, 30 for $10.00, 80 for $25.00 or 200 for $50.00

All Graphic Novels: Buy one get one 40% Off

Anime & Manga:

All New DVD’s & Manga – Buy One get one 40% Off

All Previously owned DVD’s – 80% Off

Board Games & Heroclix:

Buy one Game get a second one 40% Off

All previously owned Board games
9.99 & Under – 80% Off, 10.00 – 19.99 – 60% Off . 20.00 – 29.99 – 40% Off , 30.00 & Up – 25% Off

All Heroclix Boosters and Gravity Feed Buy 2 Get 2 40% Off

Console Games, Card Game Singles, Heroclix Loose Figures:

4.99 & under 50% Off, 5.00 – 9.99 30% Off, 10.00 – 19.99 20% Off, 20.00 & over 15% Off

Magic M15 Base Set Pre-Release Weekend

It’s Time for the next MTG Pre release!!!

1 Event 25.00, 2 Events 48.00, 3 Events 65,00, 4 Events 80,00 5 Events 90,00, 6 Events 100.00

Intro Deck Events 15.00

Friday July 11th Midnight
Saturday July 12th Noon, 5pm, 10pm
Sunday July 13th Noon, 5pm

Sealed Deck Format 6 Boosters per Event plus prizes for each win!!! YEA!!!

All Boosters – Buy 3 Get 1 Free, (all card games)
All Singles – 25% Off

Seth’s Journey into Nyx Magic Prerelease Event!

Preregister now for your spot in the Journey into Nyx prerelease event for Magic the Gathering! First game begins at midnight the morning of Saturday, April 26, and events continue through Sunday evening! Sign up early and save on registration fees! Special prizes and giveaways available!

Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods now on sale — plus tournament info!

Seth’s Games and Anime now has boosters and boxes of the newest Magic the Gathering set, Born of the Gods, now available for purchase!

We are also presenting Born of the Gods tournaments all weekend…play and you can win big prizes!

Friday 2/7 from 6:30 – 10:00 PM: Booster Draft – FNM foils, and extra prizes – 3 rounds

Saturday 2/8 at 12:30 PM: Born of the Gods Release Sealed Event – $22.00 – 4 rounds
(box tournament if over 30 players)

Sunday 2/9 at 12:30 PM: Born of the Gods Release Sealed Event – $22.00 – 4 rounds
(box tournament if over 30 players)

Weekend events – Magic, Pokemon and Midnight Madness!

Midnight Madness/Super Bowl Sunday Sale Updated

Sunday: Noon – 10 PM
Monday: Noon – 7 PM

All items in store will be discounted

10% Off-
New comics, Supplies, Card Packs, Anime, Dvd’s, Systems, Ralph’s Vintage Back Issues

20% Off
Board Games, RPG Games, Heroclix, Console Games, Toys, Statues, Posters, Graphic novels, Manga, card Singles

60% Off
all Seth’s Back Issues

Every $20 spent also gets a giveaway ticket for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree.

Tickets only given out during the Midnight Madness sales!

Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods: Jan31 – Feb2 Pre Release – $25.00 Entry

Sunday Febuary 2nd
Event #5 – 12:00 Noon
Event #6 – 5:00 PM

If we can get over 30 players first place is getting a box, second half a box. Hope we can see you guys tomorrow,/today.

Theros Pre Release and Midnight Madness Sale at Seth’s


Magic the Gathering Theros Pre Release!!!! and MIDNIGHT MADNESS Sale!!! (See Below for Sale!!!)


Friday September 20th
11:00 PM Registration
Saturday September 21st
Event #1 – 12:01 AM (Midnight Event)
11:00 AM Registration
Event #2 – 12:00 PM
Event #3 – 5:00 PM
Event #4 – 10:00 PM
Sunday September 22nd
Event #5 – 12:00 Noon
Event #6 – 5:00 PM
All Players get 1 booster pack of Theros for each win and everyone will get at least one pack for playing.
All Events are Sealed Deck Format and cost $25.00 Entry at the door.
Pre Registration has the following benefits:
Pre Registering for 2 events: $48.00
Pre Registering for 3 events: $70.00
Pre Registering for 4 events: $94.00
Pre Registering for 5 events: $115.00
Pre Registering for all 6 events: $135.00

Also starting 9/7/13 we are starting a giveaway.

For every $20.00 spent on magic product between now and the Sunday the 22th at 8pm you get 1 ticket.

A drawing will be held for the following prizes:

Main Prize: 1 Box of Theros awarded on Release date or any other set immediately

3 – Second Tier Prizes – 12 Packs any set in stock

12 – Third Tier Prizes – 3 Packs any set in stock

Midnight Madness!!!

Friday 8pm-5:30 am
Saturday 8pm-3:30 am
Sunday 5pm – 10pm

All items in store will be discounted

Buy 4 items get one item free (equal pr lesser value)
Buy 10 items get 3 items free (equal or lesser value)
Buy 20 items get 10 items free (equal or lesser value)