Saga #1 and Hawkeye #1 on eBay!

Just got in a copy of a first printing of Saga #1 from Image Comics, the popular new sci-fi title by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples! Wasn’t sure what to price it at, so I’m going to let eBay decide…check out the listing, and bid early, bid often!

Also up on eBay is a copy of the first printing of Hawkeye #1, a very nice copy with some very, very light creasing on the cover. Honestly, you can barely see it. Come in and ask me about it, I’ll show the comic to you. I AIN’T LYIN’.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 up for auction!

Say, you’re looking for a copy of the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man in terrible condition, aren’t you? Well, today’s your lucky day, since we have one up for eBay auction right now! Guaranteed to be in lousy shape! Please note all the pages of the comic are present, and of all things there isn’t any tape damage, so, you know, it could’ve been worse.

So if you’ve been wanting an Amazing Spider-Man #1 but have been waiting for a copy that’s a little more…potentially affordable, hie yourself hither to our eBay auction!