Surprise Saturday Sidewalk Sale!

We all just kinda decided we needed to clear out some old stuff to make room for new stuff, so starting shortly after we open today, we’re going to have a sidewalk sale! Lots of comics and other goodies, at blow-out prices! Drop by if you can!

New old comics!

Ralph’s been acquiring more old comics than we can almost handle lately, including a big ol’ batch of ’70s classics, heavy on Iron Man, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and G.I. Combat! All accurately graded and reasonably priced, as you’ve come to expect from Ralph’s nearly 35-year-long reign as the top back issue guy in Ventura County! Come by and see what we’ve got…more great old comics are put out for sale nearly every day!





New comics for June 18th, 2014!

It’s another week of great comics, including the newest installment of Original Sin (issue #4, if you’re counting), The Wicked and the Divine #1 from Image, and Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever #1 (adapting Harlan Ellison’s original screenplay!

As always, if there’s anything there you want and you don’t happen to see in the shop when you come in, please feel free to ask and we’ll happily order it for you! Also, as a special deal, if you buy all the Justice League War action figures as a set, we’ll discount the final price for you!

See you at the shop!

New comics for June 11th, 2014!

Here’s what you can expect tomorrow from Seth’s ‘n’ Ralph’s, including a whole bunch of Original Sin tie-ins and the debut issue of Infinity Man and the Forever People:

As always, if you see something on this list but don’t happen to see it in the shop, let us know and we’ll 1) find it for you, or 2) special order it for you! See you at the store!

Restocks and a reminder!

Back in stock…all issues of Joss Whedon’s Serenity: Leaves on the Wind series, the first issue of Pathfinder: City of Secrets, the Doc Savage 2014 Annual, the Art Adams variant covers for Original Sin, as well as the Original Sin tie-ins Mighty Avengers #10, Deadpool #29 and Avengers #30!

REMINDER: buy any issue of any version of the main Original Sin mini-series, you get one of your very own glow-in-the-dark Watcher eyes, just like the ones worn by our celebrity spokesmodel Employee Aaron pictured above!

New comics for June 4th, 2014!

Thanks once again to our distributor’s special website widget-thingie, here are the items you can expect to see on our shelves this week when you pay us a visit here at Seth’s ‘n’ Ralph’s:

Some of the items shown may have been specifically ordered as special orders for certain customers, but if there’s anything here that catches your eye but you don’t see it at our shop, we’ll be happy to order it for you!

Thanks, and we’ll see you here at the store!

New comics for May 28th, 2014!

We’re going to try a little something different this time, and use this official computerized widget-thingie from our distributor, Diamond Comics, to show you what you can expect on our shelves this week! Let me know how you like it!

A couple of items that show up may be items we special-ordered for customers and not available for general sale right now, but we’ll happily reorder anything you see here, so feel free to ask!

See you at the shop!

New comics for May 21st, 2014!


The weather may have cooled down a bit, but we have a fresh new batch of hot comics new this week at Seth’s ‘n’ Ralph’s! Here are just a few that you’ll find at the shop this week:

Forever Evil #7 – at last, the shocking conclusion to DC’s dimension-spanning event!

MPH #1 – super-speeding teenagers brought to us by Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo!

Littlest Pet Shop #1 – who’s got time for running a pet shop when there’s a moped race to be run?

Shadow: Midnight Moscow #1 – the return of Howard Chaykin to writing and illustrated the Shadow’s adventures!

Invincible #111 – things go from bad to worse, then to really worse, then worser still!

Justice League #30 – introducing Earth’s newest hero: Lex Luthor!

Original Sin #2 – the search for the Watcher’s killer continues!

Saga #19 – a new jumping-on point for this popular science fiction adventure!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Warlord of Oz #1 – the evil witches have fallen, but they were nothing compared to the dreaded Warlord of Oz!

X-O Manowar #25 – an extra-sized anniversary celebration!

Harley Quinn #6 – introducing Harley’s new murderous cyborg pal!

Miracleman #6 – the origin of Gargunza! And what’s up with Miracleman’s baby?

TMNT 30th Anniversary Special – all-new Turtle tales, including one from cocreator Kevin Eastman!

New 52 Future’s End #3 – the death of a Justice League member…at the hands of Firestorm the Nuclear Man?

Uncanny X-Men #21 – so what’s been up with Dazzler?

Amazing Spider-Man #2 – can Spidey stop a souped-up Electro?

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #119 – can a young psychic save the BPRD troops from a monster-infested Manhattan?

Daredevil #3 – the return of the Owl!

Wonder Woman #31 – the eve of the Battle of Olympus!

Batman ’66 #11 – Batman versus all of his villains!

Lola XOXO #2 – Lola pursues a rogue bunch of carnies!

Hulk #3 – the Avengers step in to help the Hulk battle the Abomination!

Magnus Robot Fighter #3 – here comes Human Hunter, Leeja Clane!


Flash Gordon #3 – Flash ‘n’ pals learn more about Ming’s kingdom!

Batman Superman #11 – the last days of the Batman and Superman of Earth 2!

East of West #12 – can the war between nations be avoided?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #3 – Dracula steps in to help, sorta, in this issue co-written by Nicholas “Xander” Brendon!

Elektra #2 – Elektra pursues an assassin on Monster Island!

Sinestro #2 – Sinestro tries to regain control of the Yellow Lanterns!

Batman and Frankenstein #31 – can Frankenstein help Batman find the bodies of Talia and Damian?

All this and a whole lot more, including a brand new Black Canary and Zatanna graphic novel, Bloodspell, can be found at our shop when we open our doors on Wednesday! See you there!