Cardfight, Pokemon, and Ponies, oh my!

Lots of new and restocked games and goodies just in today at Seth’s ‘n’ Ralph’s, including the 2014 Pokemon Spring tins, My Little Pony Collectible Card Game decks and boosters, and Cardfight!! Vanguard Dimensional Bravekaiser trial decks:

…Pokemon XY Elite Trainer Boxes, Buddy Fight Burning Valor boosters, and Cardfight!! Vanguard boosters for Binding Force of the Black Rings and Seal Dragons Unleashed:

…new My Little Pony vinyl figures in mystery boxes:

…and a whole lotta Pop! vinyl figures, many more than I’ve even pictured here, featuring DC and Marvel super-heroes, minions from Despicable Me, Sonic the Hedgehog, Thundercats, and lots more!


…and plenty more stuff besides, including new Star Wars X-Wing miniature game ships, Cthulhu!!! Kingsport Edition card game, new plushies for My Little Pony and My Neighbor Totora, and much more you’ll just have to come in and see for yourself! See you at the shop!

Seth’s March Madness Sale!

Seth’s gone mad and slashed prices to the bone all across the store! Big savings on back issues, graphic novels, card games, board games, t-shirts, video games, DVDs, toys, and more!

Boxes of card game boosters, 40% off! Buy four booster packs, get one free! Seth’s back issues, 50% off! Graphic novels, 20% off! Buy two t-shirts, get one free! Plus so many other great savings you’ll think Seth is downright crazy!

Sale starts Wednesday, March 12th, and runs through the end of the month! See you at the shop!

Weekend events – Magic, Pokemon and Midnight Madness!

Midnight Madness/Super Bowl Sunday Sale Updated

Sunday: Noon – 10 PM
Monday: Noon – 7 PM

All items in store will be discounted

10% Off-
New comics, Supplies, Card Packs, Anime, Dvd’s, Systems, Ralph’s Vintage Back Issues

20% Off
Board Games, RPG Games, Heroclix, Console Games, Toys, Statues, Posters, Graphic novels, Manga, card Singles

60% Off
all Seth’s Back Issues

Every $20 spent also gets a giveaway ticket for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree.

Tickets only given out during the Midnight Madness sales!

Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods: Jan31 – Feb2 Pre Release – $25.00 Entry

Sunday Febuary 2nd
Event #5 – 12:00 Noon
Event #6 – 5:00 PM

If we can get over 30 players first place is getting a box, second half a box. Hope we can see you guys tomorrow,/today.

Seth’s Tenth Year Anniversary Sale!!! (January Sale!!!)

Buy 1 Get 1 60% Off*
Back Issue Comics, Newer (Seth’s Stickered)
Board & Deck Building Games
Card Game Singles
Console Games
Console Systems
Graphic Novels
Kid’s Books
Role Playing Games
Star Wars Figures
Warhammer Miniatures
Warmachine Miniatures
Booster Boxes

Buy 4 Get 1 Free*
New Comics
Card Game Supplies
Card Game Boosters
Comic Supplies

Buy 10 Get 5 Free
1.00 Back Issue Comics

* Equal or Lesser Value

Happy New Year from Seth’s ‘n’ Ralph’s!

We here at the shop wish all of you a very happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2014!

REMINDER: We’ll be open on New Year’s Day from 11 AM ’til whenever Robert decides to escape, so drop by and say “hello” — but call first if it’s late in the day!
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics #100 – published by Dell Comics in February 1950

Holiday hours and new comic shipments!

Just a reminder that we will have new comics out for sale on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th and New Year’s Eve, Tuesday, December 31st! It will be a smaller shipment on the 24th, but we will be back to our normal-sized onslaught of funnybooks on the 31st!

We will be open our normal Tuesday hours of noon ’til 7 PM.

Employee Robert will be here on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day to open the shop for a few hours…he wants to, we didn’t force him, we swear! He’ll be here from about 11 AM ’til he decides to leave, so give us a call at 805-653-2732 before dropping by, just to make sure he’s around!

Thank you and have a happy holiday!

Trying to find that perfect gift?

If you can’t find it at our shop, and if it’s an item that is currently in print and in stock at our distributors, we can special order it for you! Graphic novels, comic books, t-shirts, games…get your orders in early, and we should be able to get those special gifts to you in under a week!

Just ask a friendly employee to place your order today!

Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Blacker Saturday / Blackest Night Sunday / Brightest Day Monday 2013 Sale!!!

Welcome to our Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Blacker Saturday / Blackest Night Sunday / Brightest Day Monday 2013 Sale!!!

Thursday November 28th (Thanksgiving!!!)
Friday November 29th 2013
Saturday November 30th 2013
Sunday December 1st 2013
Monday December 2nd 2013
10% Off –

Back Issue Comics, Older (Ralph’s Stickered)

20% Off -

Card Games
Board Games
Console Games
Graphic Novels
Role Playing Games

35% Off
Booster Boxes
All Green Lantern product
Handheld Consoles
Miniature Games (Heroclix, Mage knight, Warhammer, Warmachine Star Trek, Star Wars )

50% off
Back Issue Comics, Newer (Seth’s Stickered)
Consoles Full