Who around here has more old comics than us?

…That’s right! Nobody!

Ralph has been buying up more comics than you can shake a price guide at over the last few weeks, and he’s putting more out for sale each and every day, including a whole bunch of early Walking Deads:

…and he’s got more on the way!

We also just got in this copy of Amazing Spider-Man #252, the first appearance of the black costume:

…which is in “well-loved” condition, and incredibly affordable! If you want it, better come in quickly because it’s sure not to last!

We also have this:

…notable for having, as a back-up, an early Thanos story! What Thanos has to do with Logan’s Run is anybody’s guess, but there’s that back-up story nonetheless!

Come on by and check out our new back issue arrivals…our counters are overflowing with great old comics and even greater deals!