Naruto Shippuden Collectible Card Game Announcement


Bandai America has been proud to produce the Naruto Collectible Card Game for 7 years with over 28 sets released and countless tournaments run during that time. Our latest booster set, “Ultimate Ninja Storm 3”, will be the final set released for the game.

To thank our customers, we will be distributing a final promo card to participating Organized Play stores within the next few months, and the best promo we could think of was the player created card “Never Ending Love” in Gold Super Rare Foil. Please stay tuned for more details. Thanks again for all your support!

Stores that want to participate in this promotion need to send an email to with the subject line: “Final Naruto Promotion” and their stores full name and mailing address.

What are your guys thoughts on this, will you still play? I know I will. Comment on the Facebook link below.