Fighting is Magic (My Little Pony Fighting Game)

previewsilhouette_allMy Little Pony Fighting Game from Mane6. Any fan of MLP might have heard of this game. It’s a fighting game set in the world of My little Ponies. Originally meant to star the main cast.
Fighting_is_Magic_Character_Selection_ScreenFightingismagiclogoThe team has had many legal problems and have found an alternate way thanks to involvement form Lauren Faust who is providing them with original ponies for the game. The image above at the very top is the teaser image.

Skullgirls_coverNow we have word that a kickstarter for Skullgirls, a lighting fast 2D fighting game with a very powerful fighting engine has succeeded in it’s fundrasing goal will help Mane6 with their fighting engine.  The goal was $725,000 target that would allow Mane6 to use and distribute the Z-Engine for free as part of their new game. So in the future we get to have an original fighting game set in the pony universe.

Z Engine:
Widescreen and HD resolution support.
- Per-pixel lighting on sprites, a first for ANY 2D engine.
- Real shadows.
- 2D and 3D environment support.
- Camera zooming.
- Negative-edge and multiple-button-input special moves (QCT+PP, etc)
- No corner problems (rapid sprite-flipping, etc).
- Continuous collision: characters don’t pass through each other when they shouldn’t, no matter how fast they move.
- Unlimited palettes per character.
- GGPO* integration for seamless, non-delay-based online without a separate client
- Input display, save/load state, dummy record/playback, and all the other Skullgirls training mode features.
- Frame skip that still accepts inputs on skipped frames, eliminating timing-based problems such as unblockables or dropped combos.

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