Kamehameha Schoolgirl Trend in Japan

With the imminent release of a new Dragonball Z movie at the end of this month in Japan a new trend has raised. Well in America we have the Harlem Shake, in Japan many schoolgirls are taking pictures with there friends and posting them while imitating the Kamehameha (a signature attack of the main hero and his allies). This trend is spreading quickly. Here are a few examples form:   http://kotaku.com/recommended
please make sure to check out there site as well.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is coming out any day now, the first DBZ movie to get a theatrical release in 17 years. Heck even KFC Japan is promoting it. So Anime fans and Dragonball Z fans rejoice and have some fun. Maybe here at Seth’s Games and Anime we can get America following this trend, and an American release date for this new movie.

This is your friend Mark wishing you all a great month of Dragonball Z.