New comics for February 13th, 2013!

It’s Valentine’s Day week, and there’s plenty to love on our comic racks, including some of these great new releases out this Wednesday:

Uncanny X-Men #1 – Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo revive the original X-title…featuring a Skottie Young variant cover and a limited Deadpool variant (while supplies last)!

Batman #17 – the Joker-centric “Death of the Family” event wraps up in this shocking conclusion!

Ghostbusters #1 – a brand-new relaunch featuring a brand new group of ‘Busters who ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Or “aren’t afraid of any ghosts,” if you prefer.

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #5 – the Watchmen prequel races towards its conclusion!

Star Wars #2 – Star Wars just as you like it…with Han, Luke, Leia and the gang fighting the Empire!

Crawling Sky #2 – more weird west tales from Joe Lansdale!

Bravest Warriors #5 – from the creators of Adventure Time…which reminds me, there’s also a second printing of Fionna & Cake #1 out this week, too!

Celebrate the return of Walking Dead to your televisions by checking out the source material: Walking Dead #107 and Walking Dead: The Governor Special!

Secret Avengers #1 – the new, covert Avengers team by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross!

Katana #1 – the sword-wielding assassin, by Ann Nocenti and Alex Sanchez, in a brand-new series!

Spongebob Comics #17 – mop up some laughs with everyone’s favorite undersea urchin!

Archer & Armstrong #7 and Bloodshot #8 – two great Valiant tastes that go great together!

Batgirl #17 – it’s sibling rivalry at its deadliest as Barbara Gordon faces off against her own brother!

Comics Journal #302 – giant, bullet-stopping tomes featuring the best in comics reviews and interviews…featuring Maurice Sendak’s final interview!

Cyber Force #3 – still absolutely free! No, really, come in and take a copy! We won’t stop you!

All this and a whole lot more at Seth’s and Ralph’s this week…hope to see you here!