Product Title:Cosmo BlazerProduct Type:Booster PackSet Size:100Launch Date:1/25/2013Konami Tournament Legal Date:1/25/2013MSRP:$3.99 per pack


In ancient times, a legion of evil souls were banished to the heavens, to endure centuries of imprisonment. Now they have seen the error of their ways, and the strongest of these souls have returned to Earth, to make things right and do penance for their crimes.

Returning to their original forms, each has also gained the power of a mighty animal spirit, which they can manifest through their legendary weapons. No longer merely men, these immortals now walk the earth as Beast-Warriors from the very heavens.

Cosmo Blazer brings you the first eleven of these souls, with weapons in their hands and animal spirits in their hearts, assembled together as The Brotherhood of the Fire Fist. Their mission: To cleanse the earth of evil with the fires of the heavens!

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Horse Prince
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Lion Emperor
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Tiger King

From their celestial prisons, the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist spent thousands of years watching events unfold on Earth. They’ve seen every war and witnessed every battle that has ever been. The result is their total mastery of every fighting style known to man!

Tap into this vast memory of strategic thought by using their special “Fire Formation” Spell and Trap Cards, which give you the strategies and skills to break any foe.

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The domination of the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist comes from the combination of their personal strength with their mastery of tactics:

  • “Fire Fist” monsters allow you to Set new “Fire Formation” cards directly from your Deck. (You don’t even have to draw them!)
  • Once activated, your “Fire Formation” Continuous Spells and Traps give you a constant edge over your opponent. Each “Fire Formation” has special powers, PLUS they pump up the Attack Points of all your “Fire Fist” monsters.
  • You can use your “Fire Formation” cards on the field to fuel your “Fire Fist” monsters’ super abilities. Destroy your opponent’s monsters, draw extra cards, or Summon more “Fire Fist” monsters from the Deck!

To guarantee your victory, these fires of heaven will continue to burn, and burn, and burn. Use Fire Fists to get Fire Formations, then use the Fire Formations to fuel more Fire Fists’ powers, then deploy new Fire Formations after that! Keep adding more fuel to the fire until you finally incinerate your opponent’s defenses, and snuff out their Life Points once and for all!

Legends say that every star in the sky holds one person’s destiny. Ignite the fires of YOUR destiny with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist!


The Fire Fists are just the first of many new cards that await you in Cosmo Blazer. Keep checking this page for more information about new monsters with flames so intense they melt reality, new Mermails including two gigantic mermonsters, an unexpected intruder in the world of the Prophecy monsters, and a step back in time to an age before Xyz Monsters ever existed!


Cosmo Blazer contains 100 cards:

48 Common Cards
20 Rare Cards
14 Super Rare Cards
10 Ultra Rare Cards
8 Secret Rare Cards