Naruto CCG Series 26: Avenger’s Wrath

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Avenger’s Wrath” is the twenty-sixth release for the Naruto CCG and introduces over 100 new cards to the Naruto CCG.

A dark cloud falls over the Ninja world as Sasuke rushes headlong to his destiny in “Avenger’s Wrath”, the 26th set of the Naruto Collectible Card Game. With the Summit interrupted by the Akatsuki, Sasuke gives chase to Danzo, intent on exacting revenge against the leaf village. Introducing over 100 new cards to the game, including a young Madara Uchiha, Sasuke’s powerful Susano’o, the reality warping Izanagi jutsu, and 5 new keywords, “Avenger’s Wrath” promises to bring the battle to you as the world of Naruto inches ever closer to the crescendo of war.

Make sure to check the “Set 26 – Avenger’s Wrath” Thread in the forums for polls and discussion of these great cards.

10 cards per booster – 1 Holographic Foil card, 1 rainbow-stamped Rare, 2 Uncommon, 6 Common
Super-Rare Gold-Holographic Foil inserts (1:6 packs Avg.)
24 packs per display
MSRP: Booster Packs $3.99