New comics for April 16, 2014!


It’s a brand new week, with a whole bunch of brand new comics, and here are just a few of the great items you’ll find on our shelves:

Sinestro #1 – Green Lantern’s greatest adversary in his own ongoing series!

Hulk #1 – who shot Bruce Banner? The mystery starts here!

Warlord of Mars #100 – an extra-sized special issue for John Carter of Mars!

Batman Eternal #2 – the man behind the chaos is revealed!

Ms. Marvel #3 – international fame doesn’t stop problems at school!

Ultimate FF #1 – the return of the Ultimate Universe Fantastic Four, featuring Machine Man and the Falcon!

Wonder Woman #30 – Diana takes command of her army!

Harley Quinn #5 – Harley versus all her old enemies…to the death!

Superior Spider-Man #31 – the Superior saga ends in this issue!

Wolverine #4 – why Wolverine left the school…the secret revealed!

Solar Man of the Atom #1 – the return of the Gold Key/Valiant Comics hero!

Amazing X-Men #6 – Nightcrawler experiences the worst family reunion ever!

God Is Dead #11 – the Titans return to Earth as the godwar continues!

Justice League #29 – Cyborg and the Metal Men versus the Grid!

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #3 – continuing the remained classic tale of horror, by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson! (Also look for Frankenstein Alive, Alive Reanimated Edition, reprinting the first two issues!)

Batman and Wonder Woman #30 – the search for Robin continues!

The Star Wars #7 – enter: the Wookiees!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Godstorm Hercules Payne #1 – a young gang member discovers he’s the son of Zeus!

Batman #30 – Bruce Wayne discovers the ruins of Gotham under the control of the Riddler!

Six Million Dollar Man #2 – the return of Maskatron!

X-Men #13 – part one of “Bloodline” starring Jubilee!

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #118 – Liz and the Black Flame go fiery toe to fiery toe in a blazing battle!

Haunted Horror #10 – more crazy horror classics of the 1950s!

Nova #16 – Nova and Beta Ray Bill wrap up their space adventure!

Rover Red Charlie #5 – the trio finally make it to a safe destination…or did they?

Supergirl #30 – Red Lantern Kara meets her greatest challenge!

All this and a whole lot more, including the Walking Dead Daryl and Motorcycle deluxe action figure, reprints of She-Hulk #1 and #2, and the paperback edition of Joker: Death of the Family, waiting for you at the shop on Wednesday! See you there!










REMINDER: Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 3rd!

We just received our enormous shipment of Free Comic Book Day comics today, and thought it would be a good time to remind you about the event! Look, here are a bunch of the boxes the free comics came in!


Since the beginning of Free Comic Book Day well over a decade ago, Seth’s and Ralph’s have been an industry leader in FCBD promotions and giveaways, and we look forward to giving away even more comics this year than we did during last year’s record-breaking event!

This year, be sure to look for our special personalized edition of Armor Hunters from Valiant Comics, featuring the logos of our stores!

There will tons of comics given away, and you can read more about them at!

New comics for April 9th, 2014!


There’s a whole new batch of comic books here at Seth’s and Ralph’s this week, and here are just a few of the great titles you’ll find on our shelves:

Batman Eternal #1 – beginning a new weekly mini starring the entire Batman Family!

Flash Gordon #1 – a new beginning for the legendary hero, from Jeff Parker and Doc Shaner!

Iron Fist The Living Weapon #1 – the return of Marvel’s martial arts master in a new ongoing series!

Nightcrawler #1 – Mein Gott! It’s a new ongoing starring our favorite teleporting mutant!

Shutter #1 – the world’s greatest explorer must protect her family from the monsters and weirdness she’s discovered across the world!

Lola XOXO #1 – Aspen’s newest heroine, fighting to survive in a post-apocalyptic United States!

Rocky and Bullwinkle #2 – Wossamotta U? You should be reading this comic!

All-New Doop #1 – Marvel’s greatest mutant (or, you know, whatever he is) in a brand-new mini-series!

All-New Ghost Rider #2 – introducing…the Haunted Race Car!

Deadpool #27 – the giant-sized special presenting…the marriage of Deadpool!

Superman Wonder Woman #7 – sure, Supes and Wondy beat a nuclear blast, but here comes Doomsday to deal with!

Astro City #11 – who’s busier than the Mistress of Magic? Her assistant, of course!

Walking Dead #125 – can Rick peacefully work out the problems with the enemy camp?

Thunderbolts #24 – the team finds trouble in Central America!

All-New X-Men #25 – an extra-sized special issue with an army of artists!

Mighty Avengers #9 – who is the Ronin?

Scooby Doo #44 – versus Jabberwocks!

World’s Finest #22 – Helena and Kara are cut off from their home forever…or are they?

Daredevil #1.50 – an oversized 50th anniversary special featuring DD creators of years past!

Batgirl #30 – …versus the Midnight Man!

Captain Marvel #2 – Cap finds war on an alien world!

Magnus Robot Fighter #2 – can Magnus adjust to his surprising new life of fighting robots?

Star Wars #16 – Luke bonds with the Alliance’s new allies, as Leia faces trouble with her future husband!

Green Lantern Corps #30 – the horrifying origin of the Durlans!

All this and lots more besides waiting for you at the shop starting this Wednesday! See you there!











Who around here has more old comics than us?

…That’s right! Nobody!

Ralph has been buying up more comics than you can shake a price guide at over the last few weeks, and he’s putting more out for sale each and every day, including a whole bunch of early Walking Deads:

…and he’s got more on the way!

We also just got in this copy of Amazing Spider-Man #252, the first appearance of the black costume:

…which is in “well-loved” condition, and incredibly affordable! If you want it, better come in quickly because it’s sure not to last!

We also have this:

…notable for having, as a back-up, an early Thanos story! What Thanos has to do with Logan’s Run is anybody’s guess, but there’s that back-up story nonetheless!

Come on by and check out our new back issue arrivals…our counters are overflowing with great old comics and even greater deals!

New comics for April 2nd, 2014!


April showers bring…new comics, and plenty of ‘em! Here are just a few of the goodies you’ll be seeing on the shelves this week:

Aquaman and the Others #1 – a brand-new series starring the King of the Seven Seas and his super-team!

Inhuman #1 – new heroes are cropping up across the globe thanks to the Terrigen mist, and some people are surprisingly not okay with that! SPECIAL BONUS: free lithographs with purchase, while supplies last!

Deadpool Vs. Carnage #1 – the battle that had to happen! Well, maybe not “had” so much, but it happened anyway, so you better just accept it!

What If Age of Ultron #1 – the classic series returns to reveal what if the war against Ultron had gone just a bit differently!

Angel and Faith Season 10 #1 – from the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes brand new adventures of your favorite vampire/slayer team!

Shotgun Wedding #1 – marrying an assassin can be rough…especially when that assassin’s previous bride wants revenge!

Field #1 – who is this man who only has a pair of underwear and a cell phone that receives warning text messages? That’s what this ex-Bible salesman aims to find out!

Caliban #1 – a new horror/sci-fi yarn from Garth Ennis, as an Earth ship encounters something unexpected in warp space!

Dead Letters #1 – waking up in a hotel room, no idea how you got there, or why you’re in bandages…and who are these people busting down the door to get you? You’ve got problems, friend!

Action Comics #30 – Superman fights a ghostly army, while the threat of Doomsday looms!

Black Science #5 – the publisher information for this comic promises “mad gravity and violent monkey ghosts,” and how am I going to improve on that?

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #3 – sure, fighting dinosaurs is hard…but what about fighting something worse…?

Starlight #2 – is Duke ready to save the world he left behind all those decades ago?

Veil #2 – who is the mysterious stranger pursuing Veil?

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1 – leading into the new Marvel movie!

Punisher #4 – Frank’s trapped by a gang!

Earth 2 #22 – Kryptonian versus Kryptonian!

Moon Knight #2 – more high strangeness with Marvel’s darkest hero!

She-Hulk #3 – the Son of Doom seeks asylum…but Shulkie runs up against some armored opposition!

Swamp Thing #30 – Alec gets a new human body…but can he escape it in time?

Magneto #2 – S.H.I.E.L.D. – on the trail of Magneto’s acolytes!

Pretty Deadly #5 – Ginny versus her father…Death!

Green Lantern #30 – Hal versus the leader of the Khunds!

Trillium #8 – the conclusion to this sci-fi love story!

Shadow Year One #8 – the Shadow pursues his psychic nemesis!

Edgar Allan Poe’s Premature Burial – comics legend Richard Corben adapts two classic Poe tales: “The Premature Burial” and “The Cask of Amontillado!”

All this and much more, including new printings of Alex and Ada #2, #3 and #4, new action figures for Bizarro and the Crime Syndicate’s Deathstorm, the Jack Skellington bust bank, the paperback for Justice League Vol. 3 (The Throne of Atlantis and hardcover Vol. 4 (The Grid)! It’s all here for you at Seth’s and Ralph’s! See you here!












New comics for March 26th, 2014!


Man oh man, where do I even start? Your favorite comic elves at Seth’s have been working hard, cobbling together a rack full of new comics for you to enjoy this week, and boy, there sure are a lot of great releases for you to look forward to! Here are just a few of the new goodies you can expect to find:

Silver Surfer #1 – a brand-new series drawn by Madman creator Mike Allred!

Sandman: Overture #2 – the long-awaited second issue is here!

All-New Ghost Rider #1 – a brand new beginning for Marvel’s demonic daredevil!

Survive #1 – the aftermath of the Ultimate Universe’s cataclysm!

Batman: The Dark Knight #29 – in final battle with Man-Bat!

DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe #6 – the giant conclusion, as our heroes join forces to defeat Skeletor!

Iron Patriot #1 – Jim Rhodes from Secret Avengers and Iron Man now in his own series!

Real Heroes #1 – stars of a superhero movie franchise find themselves needed to save the world!

Elfquest: The Final Quest #2 – the Wolfriders try to save a human town!

Miracleman #4 – continuing the representation of the classic and influential Alan Moore series!

Avengers #27 – what is the secret of the All-New Avengers?

Bubblegun #5 – the exciting conclusion!

Rocky and Bullwinkle #1 – watch me pull a great comic out of my hat, written by Mark Evanier and drawn by Roger Langridge!

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3 – continuing from where the cult-favorite Joss Whedon Firefly TV series and movie left off!

Guardians of the Galaxy #13 – the end of Jean Grey’s trial!

Aquaman #29 – …versus Atlas!

Amazing X-Men #5 – Nightcrawler and the X-Men versus Arzael’s evil army!

Doc Savage #4 – Doc tries to stop a world-threatening oil field fire!

Indestructible Hulk #20 – the incredible conclusion, as a friend makes the ultimate sacrifice!

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #37 – Dejah meets a new Martian race! Also look for Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars #12, the conclusion of that series!

X-Files: Conspiracy #2 – the conclusion to the crossover event, as the Lone Gunmen must now save the world!

Deadly Class #3 – what danger lurks from Marcus’s mysterious past?

Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1 – focusing on the imposing leader of the Squad!

My Little Phoney: A Broney Adventure – a parody of My Little Pony and the men who love it!

Superman #29 – guest-starring Starfire!

Deadpool #26 – Deadpool versus the menace of Time-Traveling Hitler! Oooh, I hate that guy!

Justice League Dark #29 – the end of the battle against Blight…and will it be the end of John Constantine as well?

Adventures of Superman #11 – Superman versus the one Green Lantern that could have saved Krypton!

Tomb Raider #2 – what is the meaning of Lara’s mysterious visions?

Superior Spider-Man #30 – don’t reveal the shocking surprise to your friends!

World’s Finest #21 – can Kara and Helena return home with Evil Superman in their way?

Uncanny Avengers #18 – can you survive Planet X, the world of the mutants?

Origin II #4 – continuing the look into Wolverine’s history, as Creed’s secret is revealed!

Skullkickers #25 – can a dwarf go home again?

Star Slammers Remastered #1 – Walt Simonson’s classic sci-fi comic, now recolored, rescanned, reslammed!

Injustice Year Two #3 – the Green Lantern Corps investigates Superman’s rule over Earth!

Walking Dead #124 – with enemies like these, who needs zombies?

Empowered Special: Internal Medicine – Empowered and Ninjette versus aliens!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #11 – featuring Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin!

All-New X-Factor #5 – what is the secret of Techno Inc.?

Plus tons more stuff, such as new printings of Black Science #1 and #2, new printings of Harley Quinn #0 and #1, a reprint of Superior Spider-Man #27, a restock of Stan Sakai’s 47 Ronin hardcover, a new hardcover release of Sakai’s Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy, new interlocking-cover editions of Adventure Time #7 through #12, and much, much more! See you at the shop!











REMINDER: Today is Hellboy Day!

hellboysketchcard2Come in to Seth’s Games and Anime/Ralph’s Comic Corner today (Saturday, March 22nd) for your free Hellboy comic, while supplies last! We will also have a 25% off sale on Hellboy-related products (B.P.R.D., Abe Sapien, Witchfinder, Baltimore, graphic novels, Seth’s back issues, toys, DVDs, and more)! Heck, if Hellboy creator Mike Mignola worked on the comic, we’ll give you a 25% break on it, Hellboy or no Hellboy!

See you there!

(pictured: a Hellboy sketch by Mignola from Mike’s personal collection!)

Cardfight, Pokemon, and Ponies, oh my!

Lots of new and restocked games and goodies just in today at Seth’s ‘n’ Ralph’s, including the 2014 Pokemon Spring tins, My Little Pony Collectible Card Game decks and boosters, and Cardfight!! Vanguard Dimensional Bravekaiser trial decks:

…Pokemon XY Elite Trainer Boxes, Buddy Fight Burning Valor boosters, and Cardfight!! Vanguard boosters for Binding Force of the Black Rings and Seal Dragons Unleashed:

…new My Little Pony vinyl figures in mystery boxes:

…and a whole lotta Pop! vinyl figures, many more than I’ve even pictured here, featuring DC and Marvel super-heroes, minions from Despicable Me, Sonic the Hedgehog, Thundercats, and lots more!


…and plenty more stuff besides, including new Star Wars X-Wing miniature game ships, Cthulhu!!! Kingsport Edition card game, new plushies for My Little Pony and My Neighbor Totora, and much more you’ll just have to come in and see for yourself! See you at the shop!