Seth’s July – August SALE Monday 7/28/14- Sunday 8/10/14

aaronsurferAnime and DVD Individual Discs – 40% Off
Anime Movies & Complete DVD Seasons – 20% Off
Board & Deck Building Games – 20% Off
Card Game Boosters – Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Card Game Boxes (in stock only) – 40% Off
Card Game Singles – 25% Off
Comic Book Back Issues (Seth Issues) – 40% Off
Console Games 10.00 & over Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Console Games 9.99 & under – 40% Off
Console Systems – 30% Off
Graphic Novels – Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Heroclix Boosters & Single Figures -25% Off
Legos – 30% Off
Manga – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Kids Stuff (My Little Pony / Adventure Time Stuff) – 20% Off
Posters – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Role Playing Games – 20% Off
Star Wars Figures – 25% Off
Statues – 25% Off
Supplies – Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Toys – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
T-shirts – 13.00 Each
Warhammer Miniatures – 40% Off
Warmachine Miniatures – 40% Off

New comics for July 23rd, 2014…and also it’s BATMAN DAY!

We have lots of new comics and goodies in the shop next week…but first, let me tell you a bit about BATMAN DAY, where you can celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader by getting a free copy of Detective Comics #27 Special Edition, which includes the very first Batman story by creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane:

And also, while supplies last, you can get one of four different styles of Batman masks for free (“Dark Knight” version pictured here):

And if that’s not all, with any purchase of any Batman-related item of any price, you can put yourself into a drawing to win this exclusive, wearable, and not to mention stylish Batman cape:

I will likely make Employee Aaron wear it around the shop tomorrow so you all can see it in action!

On top of everything else, all Batman-related graphic novels, toys, posters, and Seth’s back issues are 25% off, so be sure to take advantage of the sale!

Now, onto the new comics, which include the long-awaited Groo Vs. Conan, the print edition of Tuki: Save the Humans by Bone creator Jeff Smith, Secret Origins #4 featuring Harley Quinn, Batman and Robin #33 featuring the Robin Rises storyline, and the latest Overstreet Price Guide!

As always, if you see anything here that you don’t see in the shop, just let us know and we’ll special order it just for you, at no extra cost!

See you at the store!

New comics for July 16th, 2014!

A brand new batch of comics and other goodies are here for your mid-summer’s enjoyment, including the new graphic novel Seconds from Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, the relaunch of Teen Titans, and the newest installment in Marvel’s event Original Sin! And be sure to ask for your free Guardians of the Galaxy sticker, while supplies last!

If you see anything here that you don’t happen to see in the store, just ask us and we’ll place a special order on it just for you! See you at the shop!

Ralph and Seth’s Epic Garage Sale – Sunday July 13th

Ralph and Seth’s Epic Garage Sale – Sunday July 13th

Alley Behind 2379 East Main Street Ventura Ca 93003

Starting 8 AM until 11:30AM or so this Sunday!!! Visit our back alley behind the store and get some amazing deals on Comics, Toys, Accessories, Furniture, Novels, Board Games, Console stuff, Posters, and Hundreds of Graphic Novels, and a Arcade game cabinet!!!

Attend and get a special coupon sheet for our upcoming sale offering extra bonuses and discounts on items we normally rarely discount.

Call 805-653-2732 if you have questions.

Magic M15 Base Set Pre-Release Weekend

It’s Time for the next MTG Pre release!!!

1 Event 25.00, 2 Events 48.00, 3 Events 65,00, 4 Events 80,00 5 Events 90,00, 6 Events 100.00

Intro Deck Events 15.00

Friday July 11th Midnight
Saturday July 12th Noon, 5pm, 10pm
Sunday July 13th Noon, 5pm

Sealed Deck Format 6 Boosters per Event plus prizes for each win!!! YEA!!!

All Boosters – Buy 3 Get 1 Free, (all card games)
All Singles – 25% Off

New comics for July 9th, 2014!

Plenty of goodies are heading your way for New Comics Day this week, including the debut of the new Spider-Man 2099 along with Skottie Young variants at cover price, as well as DC’s title starring the former Nightwing, Grayson! Take a look at the fancy computerized-Internet web-thingie below and get a sneak peak at what you’ll find on our shelves!

If you see anything here that you don’t happen to see in the store, just ask us and we’ll place a special order on it just for you! See you at the shop!

Open on the 4th of July!

We’ll be open at our regular time of 11 AM, and we will stick around as long as we have customers! We will be here at least until 4 PM, but may stay longer if you demand it! If we’re open when the Pokemon and Magic tournaments are scheduled, and folks are here to play in those games, then Pokemon and Magic tournaments we shall have!

If it’s after 4 and you’re not sure if we’re going to be around, give us a call at 805-653-2732 and we’ll let you know!

Have a happy 4th!