Seth’s Games & Anime April Sale!!!

Role Playing Games & Miniatures:

All 3.5 OGL Books, Vampire, 4th edition D&D, Dragon magazines and pretty much all older RPG’s are 80% this month.

All D&D 5th, Pathfinder, 3.5 core books, 1st & 2nd edition D&D, Savage Worlds, and all the newer RPG stuff is Buy 1 get one 40% Off.

All Metal Miniatures (We got a bunch of older sets in!!!) – 25% Off

Comic Books & Graphic Novels:

Dollar Books Now: $.50 each, 30 for $10.00, 80 for $25.00 or 200 for $50.00

All Graphic Novels: Buy one get one 40% Off

Anime & Manga:

All New DVD’s & Manga – Buy One get one 40% Off

All Previously owned DVD’s – 80% Off

Board Games & Heroclix:

Buy one Game get a second one 40% Off

All previously owned Board games
9.99 & Under – 80% Off, 10.00 – 19.99 – 60% Off . 20.00 – 29.99 – 40% Off , 30.00 & Up – 25% Off

All Heroclix Boosters and Gravity Feed Buy 2 Get 2 40% Off

Console Games, Card Game Singles, Heroclix Loose Figures:

4.99 & under 50% Off, 5.00 – 9.99 30% Off, 10.00 – 19.99 20% Off, 20.00 & over 15% Off

Vanguard Pre-Release Event

This Saturday and Sunday, at 2:30pm, we are having the Pre-Realse event for
Cardfight!! Vanguard G Booster Pack Vol. 1: Generation Stride
$25 entry fee.
Top two win the “Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon” playmat.
All participants receive 1 “Interdimensional Dragon, Lost Age Dragon”.
Registration starts at 2:00pm the day of.

Back Issue Spring Cleaning

Dollar Books Now: $1.00 each, 15 for $10.00, 40 for $25.00 or 100 for $50.00

We have decided to make a ton of Back Issues into dollar books.

There are a ton of Indy titles, including a lot of Marvel and DC books as well. Come by the store and check them out.

These books are high end, bagged, stickered, in series, and separated with title dividers.

These books will not last.

As we blow these out I may add other books to the mix as well. So stay tuned.

Thanks and Hope to see you guys and gals soon.

–Seth :) 545145_10150946241635757_1117784946_n

Seth’s January 2015 Sale

Seth’s Back Issue Comics 30% Off

Graphic Novels, Role Playing Games, Board Games, Miniatures, Heroclix,
Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Console Games, Shirts, Posters, Used Product, Loose Miniatures
Buy 1 get 1 Free

Card Games Buy 5 get 1 Free


DragonBall Z Playmat Tournament

Dragon Ball Z Players we will be having a Mat Tournament next Saturday 01/03/15. entry fee is $5 and sign ups start at 11am and the tournament will begin promptly at Noon. 1st place prize is the playmat and one copy of “Confrontation”. 2nd place is one copy of “Confrontation”. Participation is one copy of “Time is a Warriors Tool”

Holiday Giveaway

Come down Buy stuff and enter a Giveaway to win 100 dollars in store credit

No purchase is necessary.

You may get 1 free ticket daily and additional tickets for every 20.00 spent on product including Gift Certificates